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  • Systemic reviews: If in doubt, refer to the instructions

    Is full symptom assessment complete if only some of the items have been assessed? Clinicians often trust that the guidelines that underpin their practice are rigorous and dependable, but recently, [...]

  • Sleep apnoea can impact memories

    People with sleep apnoea struggle to remember their memories, potentially making them vulnerable to depression, new research has shown. Obstructive sleep apnoea is estimated to affect more than 936 million [...]

  • Global gender assessment survey

    The impact of gender in relation to nursing leadership positions is being examined by Nursing Now campaign and Intrahealth International . The organisations are conducting a survey of nurses worldwide to examine how [...]

  • Behind the makings of a new nurse fob watch strap

    Monitoring and recording a patient’s vital signs are among the core duties of a nurse and keeping track of time is essential during the delivery of care. Yet due to [...]