Q&A: A day in the life of an Organ Donation Specialist Nurse

Samantha Stones is a Donation Specialist Nurse at Western Health. She chatted to the ANMJ about her role in the lead up to annual DonateLife Week. What inspired you to become a Donation Specialist Nurse? I feel that I have lived a life that has been touched by organ donation. When I was younger, I […]

Still nursing at 83, Rosemary remains a staunch union member

Whenever registered nurse Rosemary Power gets the chance to share her wisdom with young nurses and midwives, her message is clear: join the union. “I’ve been a union person from day one,” she says proudly. “Whatever you do, join the union. Because when the chips are down, the union has got your back.” Born in […]

Struggling with mental health and climate distress? Get out and plant a tree

Planet Ark is encouraging Australians to get outdoors to do something good for their mental health this National Tree Day, 28 July, with research suggesting climate-related impacts on mental health are significantly affecting people’s wellbeing. Eco-anxiety and climate distress are terms used to identify the feelings of concern and distress that result from climate change. […]

The crisis of gendered occupational violence and aggression

The global crisis of gender-based violence is inseparable from occupational violence and aggression (OVA) experienced by the healthcare workforce. As most of the healthcare workforce are nurses, midwives, and care workers, the majority of whom are women, there are undeniable gender-based patterns inherent in both linked phenomena. Women face greater risks of violence and aggression […]

Finding the right words – talking and asking about burnout

Burnout in the nursing and midwifery professions is real and should not be underestimated. Let’s all take burnout seriously, be aware of the symptoms and work together to prevent it. While no nurse, midwife or student should experience burnout, unfortunately many do says Nurse Midwife Health Program Australia (NMHPA) Deputy Director Mark Aitken, who like […]

Reducing the noise in ICU

Western Australian research is aiming to decrease noise levels in intensive care units (ICUs) by implementing improvements in acoustic design.  Up to 50% of patients in ICUs experience sleep disturbance due to noise which can hinder recovery and negatively impact their health. Staff report noise levels negatively impact their work performance, patient connection and job satisfaction.  […]

Nurse has registration cancelled for groping unconscious patients

A nurse has had his registration cancelled and been disqualified from reapplying until April 2025 after intentionally touching and, in one case, groping the breasts of two unconscious female patients. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) referred Mr Blair Easdon to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (the tribunal) after he self-notified to […]

Gender assumptions and the value of work

The recent Fair Work Commission aged care work value decision confirmed that the work of aged care sector employees and nurses has been undervalued on the basis of gender assumptions.1 The decision sets out a fascinating history of how and why gender-based assumptions about the value of women’s work has permeated Australia’s industrial relations system […]

Placing mum in Residential Aged Care – thoughts of a nurse/daughter

This article is offered as a personal reflection on my lived experience of placing my nonagenarian mother into residential aged care Of course, my personal lived experience is also inextricably intertwined with me being a nurse of 44 years. As much as I try, these two “personas” cannot be separated, and both are apparent every […]

Trailblazing nurse receives NAIDOC lifetime achievement award

Registered nurse and long-time Indigenous rights activist Aunty Dulcie Flower says she’s never considered she has a legacy to leave. “I’m just me, going about my business,” says the 85-year old who is the recipient of this year’s National NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. “I am blessed to have the privilege of working with Aboriginal […]