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Discover the Future of Nursing and Midwifery: A Digital Health Revolution 

Trailblazing nurse receives NAIDOC lifetime achievement award

Registered nurse and long-time Indigenous rights activist Aunty Dulcie Flower says she’s never considered she has a legacy to leave. “I’m just me, going about my business,” says the 85-year old who is the recipient

Nurse midwife co-creator of women’s health app CHARLI

Clinical nurse and midwife Samantha Costa is co-creator of CHARLI, a recently launched women’s health app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help empower women in their health and wellness. She talks with the ANMJ.

Federal government announces $30 million investment in AI healthcare projects

A trial involving the use of 3D total skin imaging to help support clinicians in the early detection of melanoma is one of 10 new grants awarded by the federal government for AI projects in

Calling all Australian midwives to undertake digital health survey

What digital tools do you use in your midwifery practice? Is access to digital health data helpful to women’s care? The Australian College of Midwives is undertaking a digital health landscape analysis of midwifery in

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