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The Break Glass function in My Health Record: when and how to use it

The cyber security impacts of Artificial Intelligence in nursing and midwifery

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools become more widespread, particularly in sectors such as healthcare, the importance of cyber security protection measures will become even more paramount.  To help clinicians understand and adapt to the changing

Greater evidence reduces reliability of ChatGPT when used for health questions, study finds

Asking a health-related question to ChatGPT? Well, you might be at risk, after a new study found that the more evidence the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is given, the less reliable it becomes, with the

CSIRO reports surge in AI in healthcare

A surge in the amount of digital data in the health sector, together with increases in compute power and the availability of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools are leading to an explosion of AI being

Revolutionising healthcare: The impact of Artificial Intelligence in nursing and midwifery

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a revolutionary force in diverse industries, and nursing and midwifery are no exceptions. The integration of AI technologies has the potential to reshape healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and

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