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Q&A: A day in the life of an Organ Donation Specialist Nurse

Still nursing at 83, Rosemary remains a staunch union member

Whenever registered nurse Rosemary Power gets the chance to share her wisdom with young nurses and midwives, her message is clear: join the union. “I’ve been a union person from day one,” she says proudly.

Why nurses and midwives need to get political

In the early days of her career, Juliane Samara often heard people suggest that nurses shouldn’t engage in politics. She never shared the view and, over the past two decades, has regularly spoken up to

Struggling with mental health and climate distress? Get out and plant a tree

Planet Ark is encouraging Australians to get outdoors to do something good for their mental health this National Tree Day, 28 July, with research suggesting climate-related impacts on mental health are significantly affecting people’s wellbeing.

The crisis of gendered occupational violence and aggression

The global crisis of gender-based violence is inseparable from occupational violence and aggression (OVA) experienced by the healthcare workforce. As most of the healthcare workforce are nurses, midwives, and care workers, the majority of whom

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