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Q&A: Australian College of Nurse Practitioners President Melanie Dunstan

How the Northern Territory trailblazed Australia’s voluntary assisted dying laws

In 1995, the Northern Territory made history by becoming the first place in the world to legalise voluntary assisted dying after a private member’s Bill, championed by then Chief Minister Marshall Perron, secured a 15-10

Meet Nurse Blake, the accidental comedy sensation

In 2017, Blake Lynch, better known as Nurse Blake, was driving home after a gruelling shift in an intensive care unit when he experienced his first panic attack. The culprit, he later found out through

Aboriginal nurse leader, Janine Mohamed, on being named Victorian of the Year

Aboriginal health leader Janine Mohamed has devoted her career to expanding the Indigenous health workforce, especially nurses and midwives, championing culturally safe healthcare, and dismantling systemic racism.

A compassionate approach

“Let’s take care of ourselves and each other”, says Mark Aitken, Deputy Director of Australia’s new national health and wellbeing service for nurses, midwives and students.

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