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Earn and learn: How Victoria’s RUSON employment model is helping attract more nurses into mental health

Leadership and Management: Not one and the same

Leadership can often be mistaken with management and the two do overlap. But while leadership and management in nursing and midwifery share some similarities, they are two distinct roles. “The biggest difference is that while

Supporting nurses to work to their scope of practice

In October 2023, the federal government launched Unleashing the Potential of our Health Workforce – scope of practice review. The independent review will examine the barriers and incentives faced by health practitioners working to their

Developing and evaluating a clinical supervision training program for mental health nurses

The continued support for nurses through education and training is fundamental to the success and growth of the profession. This is particularly relevant within mental health nursing, where staff often face complex and emotionally challenging

Healthcare sustainability Champion

Registered Nurse Kaitlyn Cooke, realised the environmental toll of disposable PPE after using 50 sets during a single shift caring for a COVID-infected baby. “I thought, this is actually really bad for the world. There’s

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