An International Nursing Student’s Journey in Culturally Safe Nursing Care

By Xiaoping Yan|
June 21st, 2022|

Nursing Philosophy Statement: Nurses are responsible and accountable to provide person-centred and culturally safe care. As frontline healthcare providers, advocators and educators, nurses support patients, [...]

Health intervention helps new grad nurses improve diet and exercise

By Robert Fedele|
June 20th, 2022|

New graduate nurses who took part in a health promotion intervention program during their transition to practice programs (TTP) improved their health knowledge and some [...]

Student mentorship: Supporting pre-registration nurses in foundational skill development

By Carolyn Hays, Sonia Matiuk and Lisa Townsend|
February 16th, 2022|

The way pre-registration nursing students’ link what they learn in the tertiary setting to the realities of clinical practice has long been the subject of [...]

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