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Exercise caution when taking nutritional advice from social media influencers, study finds

Exercise prescriptions to help reduce depression

Exercise can be a powerful tool to fight depression and should be routinely prescribed as part of treatment plans, according to Australian researchers. Activities such as walking, jogging, yoga and strength training were extremely beneficial

Nurses poised to help shift dial in fight against obesity 

Nurses and fellow health professionals have a critical role to play in helping the growing number of Australians experiencing severe weight issues, according to the nation’s peak body for obesity in Australia.  A new report

New sleep regime to help insomnia

For shift workers with a chronically mistimed body-clock, getting a good night’s sleep can be an endless battle. Australian researchers are moving a step closer to discovering how to personalise a sleep regime and readjust

Peer-led telehealth counselling for nurses and midwives is now active

The Nurse Midwife Health Program Australia (NMHPA) is now open for telehealth counselling for nurses, midwives and students of the professions living anywhere in Australia. Free, confidential and independent counselling services and case-managed support is

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