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Nurse managers and leaders: new governance training available

Federal government announces $30 million investment in AI healthcare projects

A trial involving the use of 3D total skin imaging to help support clinicians in the early detection of melanoma is one of 10 new grants awarded by the federal government for AI projects in

New technology aims to enable needle-free insulin delivery

An international team, led by researchers from Australia, have developed a system using nanotechnology that could allow people with diabetes to take oral insulin in the future, offering a more effective and needle-free alternative. The

‘Count Us In’: National Summit demands action for millions of ‘forgotten’ Australians living with neurological conditions

“There are millions of people, millions, living in Australia with neurological conditions. We need more thought, more organisation and more energy put into this particular sector of people,” says acclaimed comedian and disability advocate, Tim

Australian women drinking at dangerous levels, study finds

A worrying number of Australian women are drinking at dangerous levels despite understanding that it is likely to be causing them harm, Flinders University researchers have warned. The study found over 300,000 Australian women are

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