Donation Specialist Nurse calls on Australians to consider giving someone a lifeline

By Robert Fedele|
July 23rd, 2023|

“For most Australians, who are otherwise fit and well, they just don’t ever think that they’ll be in that situation,” says Georgina Callaghan, Donation Specialist [...]

Strengthening Health systems with the utilisation of advanced practice nurses- a global perspective

By Kathryn Anderson|
July 22nd, 2023|

Researchers, who conducted the first-ever study on advanced practice certification programs worldwide, held a policy forum at the recent International council of Nurses’ Congress in [...]

Nurse Practitioners and gender affirming primary care clinics for transgender and gender diverse people

By Toni Slotnes-O'Brien and Micah Peters|
July 18th, 2023|

Transgender (sometimes abbreviated as ‘trans’) is a term for people whose gender identity is different to the sex assigned to them at birth. Gender identity [...]

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