AI and its impact on healthcare- Webinar catchup

nurses must embrace digital health

Did you miss our recent webinar on the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on nursing and midwifery?

In partnership with the Digital Health Agency the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) convened a webinar led by digital experts to discuss AI’s multifaceted dimensions and its consequential impacts on healthcare delivery. This included its integration within healthcare frameworks, ethical considerations, and cybersecurity in its deployment.

Key takeaways in the webinar included:

  1. AI is a powerful technology that mimics human thinking using math and data, revolutionising how we predict outcomes, organize information, and create new content.
  2. In healthcare, AI improves tasks like diagnosis and medical imaging, but it’s vital to follow regulations for safe deployment.
  3. AI’s dark side involves cybercriminals using it for scams and fake content, requiring vigilance to avoid deception.
  4. Nurses and midwives must be cautious with AI tools to protect patient data, employing strong security measures like encryption and VPNs.
  5. Ethical AI use means ensuring it supports human decision-making, safeguards patient privacy, and prioritises compassionate care, following regulations for responsible implementation.

To listen to this webinar and others in the series click here

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