AI and its impact on healthcare- Webinar catchup

Did you miss our recent webinar on the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on nursing and midwifery? In partnership with the Digital Health Agency the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) convened a webinar led by digital experts to discuss AI’s multifaceted dimensions and its consequential impacts on healthcare delivery. This included its integration within […]

Healthcare sustainability Champion

Registered Nurse Kaitlyn Cooke, realised the environmental toll of disposable PPE after using 50 sets during a single shift caring for a COVID-infected baby. “I thought, this is actually really bad for the world. There’s got to be a better way we can do this,” said Kaitlyn who was based in Tasmania at the time. […]

There’s something about Mary

In the spotlight of the Five of My Life Challenge podcast, Mary Chiarella unravelled the tapestry of her life under the skilled guidance of host Nigel Marsh. Acknowledged for her transformative impact on both nursing and midwifery practice and the workforce over four decades, Mary’s presence on the show promised a journey through the choice […]

How good leadership can impact healthcare

Creating better leaders is the linchpin to happier people, better organisations and societies, according to Simon Sinek, world-renowned speaker, author, ethnographer and founder of the Optimism Company in the US. Speaking to over 1,000 nurses at the recent International Council of Nurses Congress, Montreal, Canada, Sinek emphasised that nowhere was good leadership more essential than […]

The significance of the Voice to Parliament

While there is much debate on whether we should vote Yes or No to the Voice to Parliament in the upcoming Referendum, Tom Mayo, a Kaurareg Aboriginal and Kalkalgal, Erubamle Torres Strait Islander man, wants Australians to understand that voting Yes is critical to Indigenous peoples who are at a crisis point. Tom is the […]

Pushing boundaries in digital health crucial for healthcare

Can and should nurses push the boundaries in healthcare with digital technology? According to Professor Natasha Phillips, a former UK Chief Nursing Officer and the founder of Future Nurses, it is critical to meet future healthcare needs. Professor Phillips, who spoke at the recent International Nurses Congress held in Montreal, Canada, said historically, the focus […]

Strengthening Health systems with the utilisation of advanced practice nurses- a global perspective

Researchers, who conducted the first-ever study on advanced practice certification programs worldwide, held a policy forum at the recent International council of Nurses’ Congress in Montreal, Canada, to discuss the need to develop and strengthen health systems through the integration of advanced practice nurses (APNs) working in specialty areas of practice. The study, Certification of […]

Sustainability Champion in healthcare

Sarah Almeroth’s love of the environment has led her on a journey to become a sustainability champion in healthcare. Sarah, who works as the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) Sustainability Environmental Project Officer, became interested in climate change and healthcare when studying for her undergraduate nursing degree. “There was a real connection for me […]