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Australian nurses have experienced higher anxiety levels during the COVID-19 pandemic than before.

This may have affected their long-term mental health and intention to stay in the profession, resulting in a workforce shortage that impacts the health system and community. Management is urgently required to improve nurses’ wellbeing.

Tai Chi is a moderate exercise known as a moving meditation. Tai Chi is commonly used to manage mental health. Studies have documented that Tai Chi showed promise to mental wellbeing.

The ongoing Tai Chi: Body & mind medicine research program is approved by the ECU’s Human Research Ethics Committee (No. 2021-03042-WANG). This is an ongoing 12-week training program that runs three times a week. Each session lasts 45 minutes. Participants are required to commit themselves to at least two sessions per week for 12 weeks (24 sessions in total). They will receive a certificate confirming their training. Currently, we are running for ECU gym members; nurses who are ECU gym members can contact Dr Wang for more details. There is also a possibility of running the program specifically for nurses in WA.

Essentially, we use Tai Chi as a safe, sustainable non-pharmacological approach to managing chronic disease and mental wellbeing.

With a focus on integrating holistic health concepts, Dr Wang’s research interest is in holistic health-related clinical trials using non-pharmacological therapies (eg. Tai Chi, acupuncture, laser therapy, cupping) to improve health outcomes, especially chronic pain and mental health. There is also an opportunity for nurses to research these areas (



Carol Chunfeng Wang PhD, RN, RAc is a Lecturer, Researcher, Holistic Practitioner in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.