Research reveals potential benefits of online behaviour therapy for young children

By ANMJ Staff|
June 11th, 2020|

Online behavioural therapy could improve young children’s functioning, a study has shown. The study from University of NSW (UNSW) School of Psychology focused on rural [...]

A uniquely local vaccination solution in the face of a global pandemic

By Ben Rodin|
April 15th, 2020|

Amid COVID-19 a medical centre in regional South Australia has found a unique way to immunise the community against the flu this season. Practice Nurse [...]

Caution called with asbestos removal and handling in bushfire ravaged communities

By ANMJ Staff|
January 21st, 2020|

The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia (ADFA) has issued a warning that asbestos could pose a problem for families across Australia who had homes or [...]

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