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The second round of the Aged Care Registered Nurses’ Payment initiative is now open for eligible registered nurses.

The payment, which opened on 6 November 2023, and close on 20 December 2023, acknowledges the vital role that registered nurses play in delivering high-quality care to older Australians.

Registered nurses employed by eligible aged care providers can receive payments for either six or 12 months of continuous service, with the maximum total payment capped at $6,000.

Full-time nurses eligible for the 12-month payment can receive up to $3,700, while those eligible for the six month payment will receive a half payment.

Part-time and casual nurses’ payments are determined on a pro-rata basis. An additional payment of up to $2,300 is available for registered nurses meeting specific criteria.

Additional payment eligibility:

Registered nurses may qualify for an extra payment of up to $2,300 per year if they:

  1. Work in a rural or remote area (classified MMM 3-7).
  2. Hold a relevant formal postgraduate qualification (Graduate Certificate or higher).
  3. Take on additional leadership or training responsibilities in their workplace.

Eligibility and application process:

Eligible employers, including approved residential aged care providers, home care package providers, multipurpose service providers, and those offering services under specific programs, can apply on behalf of their registered nurses. Self-employed Nurse Practitioners must identify the aged care providers they are contracted with.

Employers are responsible for applying on behalf of their eligible registered nurses and passing on the full payment as soon as possible after receiving the grant payment.

The 12-month payment period is from 1 November 2022, to 31 October 2023, while the six month payment period is from 1 May 2023, to 31 October 2023. Registered nurses not directly involved in direct care roles are eligible if they are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Applicants must register on the GrantConnect website, submit their application online, and attach the required staffing profile.

For more information go to Grant Connect.