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Welcome to ANMJ’s Learning and Career Hub. Here you will find career and educational resources, including jobs, courses, education and other helpful information and articles to support you through your nursing and midwifery career.

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Demystifying the pandemic response sub-register for nurses and midwives wanting to return to practice during the COVID-19 crisis

April 3rd, 2020|

ANMF members and others have been contacting the union wanting to know about the new pandemic response sub-register, that was [...]

Government partners with private hospitals to fight COVID-19, guaranteeing jobs of 57,000 nurses and midwives

March 31st, 2020|

Government partners with private hospitals to fight COVID-19, guaranteeing jobs of 57,000 nurses and midwives

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  • What it takes to volunteer as a nurse or a midwife in a developing country

    Have you ever had a burning desire to volunteer as a nurse or a midwife in a developing country but not sure what’s involved? Registered nurse Jeneane Allen shares her [...]

  • My journey to becoming an RFDS flight nurse

    Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) flight nurse Susan Markwell says the job demands a broad range of professional skills to tackle complex primary healthcare emergencies and the ability to deal [...]

  • Meet Nurse Practitioner of the Year Chris Helms

    In his first few years of university in his native United States, Chris Helms ironically wanted to take on any subjects bar nursing. His broad areas of study included marine [...]

  • Q&A with a school nurse

    Q&A with a school nurse

    The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) released updated national practice standards for school nurses earlier this year to provide a contemporary overview of the unique role’s broad scope of [...]

  • The nurse as amateur forensic researcher

    Nurses have specialist knowledge which can be applied to various areas of study and various pursuits in which historical truth is sought. As an amateur forensic researcher I outline my [...]

  • Nurses on the beat: What it’s like to be a custodial nurse

    Registered nurse Hugo Chatwin-Smith was drawn to the diversity of Custodial Nursing and opportunity to deliver healthcare to Victorians experiencing the lowest point in their lives. Underneath the bustling Melbourne [...]

  • Nurse still in the profession after 65 years

    It is hard to imagine nowadays but when Pamela Butler trained as a nurse in the 1950s part of her education involved scaling, cleaning and filleting a whole fish before [...]

  • The NET Nurse: A unique role

    Problem solving, creativity, and being able to see outside the square are key attributes of the RN Kate Wakelin’s role providing support to people with neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). Ms Wakelin [...]

  • The community remote area nurse

    “We sometimes laugh that we are coiled springs – waiting to respond,” says Kelly Lynch of her role as a community remote area nurse. Kelly has been in the Cape, [...]

  • Up in the air with an RFDS flight nurse

    Royal Flying Doctor Service senior flight nurse Jenine Harmer counts joining the vital healthcare operation as the best decision she has ever made. “It gives you more experience. It gives [...]

  • Q&A with Nurse Practitioner Chris Helms

    On 12 December each year the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) holds Nurse Practitioner Day to mark the endorsement of the first NPs in Australia – Sue Denison and [...]

  • Q & A with Phil Della

    Head of Curtin University’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine Professor Phillip Della was presented the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Honour at the Western Australian Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards earlier [...]

  • A nurse’s journey back to study

    Perioperative nurse Karen Neaton contemplated returning to study for several years but always found the prospect ‘too daunting’. Once her children finished school and moved out of the family home, [...]

  • Forging-a-successful-nursing-career

    Forging a successful nursing career

    National Health Workforce Dataset (NHWDS) figures show almost 16,000 newly registered nurses and midwives entered the professions in 2016. Earlier this year, 26-year-old New South Wales resident Thomas West joined [...]

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