Discover the Future of Nursing and Midwifery: A Digital Health Revolution 

Hosted by ANMF’s Julie Reeves, the episode kicks off on how digital health systems are revolutionising healthcare delivery, reducing hospital admissions, and enhancing patient outcomes by improving the coordination of care and enabling more informed treatment decisions. 

Our panel features top nursing and midwifery leaders who bring diverse insights and expertise to the table: 

  • Alison McMillan: The Commonwealth Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Alison, admits to being a self-described digital Luddite but is passionately committed to leveraging digital health to enhance patient-centred care. 
  • Kellie Wilton: Senior Midwifery Advisor in the Department of Health and Aged Care, Kellie highlights the integration challenges and opportunities for midwives within the digital health framework. 
  • Annie Butler: ANMF’s Federal Secretary, Annie, discusses the rapid evolution of digital health and its implications for nursing and midwifery. 
  • Karrie Long: Victorian Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer, Karrie, brings her extensive experience from rural and regional Victoria, emphasising the critical role of digital health in connecting remote communities with essential services. 
  • Alicia Graham: A Digital Health Educator with the Australian Digital Health Agency, Alicia is passionate about how digital tools can streamline clinical workflows and enhance patient engagement. 

Throughout the episode, the panellists delve into the definition and scope of digital health. They discuss how digital technologies and information systems are not just tools but enablers of patient-centred care. Alison McMillan eloquently connects the dots, stating that digital health aligns perfectly with the nursing and midwifery philosophy of holistic, patient-centred care. 

The conversation also touches on the practical aspects of digital health implementation. Karrie Long and Annie Butler explore the usability challenges of current systems and the need for participatory design to ensure these systems meet the needs of all users, from clinicians to patients. The panel highlights the importance of involving frontline nurses and midwives in the design and development of digital health tools to ensure they are intuitive and effective. 

Kelly Wilton emphasises a significant policy issue: the legacy constraints that prevent midwives from fully integrating into health systems. She advocates for policies that recognise the full spectrum of midwifery practice, ensuring that midwives can contribute comprehensively to patient care through digital platforms. 

Alicia Graham brings a forward-looking perspective, discussing the recently released National Digital Health Strategy. She outlines the agency’s vision for a connected and digitally enabled healthcare system, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to make digital health tools like My Health Record more user-friendly and accessible. 

Beyond the discussion, this podcast is a call to action for all healthcare professionals to embrace the digital health revolution. By participating in the development and implementation of digital health initiatives, nurses and midwives can play a pivotal role in shaping a healthcare system that is truly patient-centred and efficient. 

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