COVID-19 : Don’t bring it home

Nurses and healthcare workers are doing what they can to protect themselves from COVID-19 while on the job but what measures can they take to protect the families and their home environments after work?

The ANMJ has compiled a list of tips to keep your home virus free.

Leave your wallet at home

  • When you go to work put cards and drivers license in a zip lock bag.

Change your clothes immediately when you get home

  • Put your clothes in the washer and hot wash them between shifts.
  • Leave your shoes outside the house.


  • Bring your own food in a reusable shopping bag to wash.
  • Avoid eating in communal places.
  • Bring a drink bottle to work.
  • No keep cups at cafes.

No hands

  • No hands where possible- kick doors.
  • Use  alcohol hand gel regularly.


  • Leave pen at work.
  • Frequently coat pen with alcohol when at work.


  • Don’t use a phone case.
  • Wipe down phone often with alcohol.
  • Leave your phone in scrub pocket .
  • Consider a zip lock bag.

Remember at the end of the day…

  • Thoroughly wash hands and arms.
  • Take a shower.
  • Alcohol gel your phone.
  • Also alcohol gel your keys and glasses
  • Leave pen behind at work.

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