How hospital staff say goodbye to dying patients – Evaluation of an online education module: Imminent death

By Deb Rawlings, Megan Winsall, Huahua Yin and Kim Devery|
March 4th, 2022|

Deaths in hospitals are common in developed countries (Smith-Stoner and Hand, 2012). In Australia, over half of expected deaths occur in these settings and it [...]

New project plans to improve uptake of vaccines for pregnant women and children with chronic health conditions

By ANMJ Staff|
February 24th, 2022|

An international project, led by the University of Adelaide, hopes to improve the uptake of vaccines against influenza and COVID-19 for pregnant women and children [...]

Outgoing and incoming nurses communicate differently in bedside handover impacting patient participation

By Laura Chien and Dr Maria Dahm|
February 17th, 2022|

How a nurse communicates during bedside handover can be linked to their role in the handover, a new study has revealed. Communication challenges between nurses [...]

Intervention addressing communication in nursing handover improves patient-centred care

By Laura Chien and Professor Diana Slade|
February 17th, 2022|

Intervention addressing communication in nursing handover improves patient-centred care

Pain management for patients with dementia: Identification and management

By Tess Cooper and Simon Cooper|
February 11th, 2022|

The Australian Bureau of Statistics1 reports that in 2018 there were 219,000 Australians with dementia – of which 43% experienced chronic pain that may have [...]

How Music therapy can support patients during their healthcare journey

By Ben Rodin|
January 20th, 2022|

Music therapy can have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of patients at the Austin Health’s Olivia Newton John (ONJ) Cancer Wellness & [...]

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