What you need to know about the $800 aged care worker bonus payment

On 1 February 2022, the Federal Government announced aged care workers would be eligible to receive a bonus payment of up to $800.

In a statement, the government said the bonus payment would be paid in two instalments, of up to $400 each, to care and support workers in home care and to direct care workers, food preparation workers and cleaners in residential aged care.

The bonus payment will be payable to workers employed on 28 February and 28 April. Aged care workers will receive varying bonuses depending on what setting they work in, and the amount of hours they work each week.

Here’s what you need to know about the process:


Australian Government funded approved residential aged care providers, home care package providers, state/local government residential aged care and/or home package providers, and providers delivering aged care under the Commonwealth National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program are eligible to apply for the payments on behalf of their staff.

Individual aged care workers, other than those self-employed, cannot apply for bonuses themselves.

Providers are required to apply for the grant funds on behalf of their workers, with the following workers eligible:

  • Residential aged care workers, including clinical and personal care workers, allied health workers, food services and cleaning services
  • Home care workers delivering home care under an approved home care package, including clinical support, personal care, cleaning and support with household tasks, meal preparation, social support, shopping services, community access, transport, allied health and respite services.


The bonus amount depends on whether aged care workers work in home care or residential care and will be prorated based on the highest number of hours worked in a single week out of the four weeks leading up to the census dates.

Workers may qualify for either one, or both instalments.


Aged care providers must apply for the bonus payment on behalf of their staff.

Eligible employers were able to apply from 1 March 2022. Once an employer submits the application, the department processes/assesses the request for funding.

Subject to approval, the department then sends an agreement to the grant recipient, which needs to be signed and returned. Once the signed agreement is received, the department will release the first payment.

Funds will be distributed to providers, who will then make payments to eligible employees.

Applications for the aged care bonus payment close at 2pm on 15 April 2022.

When the bonus payments were announced on 1 February 2022, the ANMF released a joint statement with other unions, the ACTU, HSU, UWU, AWU, and employer peaks, arguing the payments do not adequately address the crisis in the sector.

“The recent announcement of two pro rata payments of up to $400 is grossly inadequate and it remains to be seen how this short-term payment will prevent a feared exodus of staff from the frontline,” the statement read.


Many aged care workers have already voiced their frustrations, via social media, about when they will receive their promised bonus.

The payment to workers must be made within two pay cycles from when the employer received the funds. However, the government is encouraging employees to pay the bonus at the time they lodge their application.

A second payment equal to the first payment will automatically be made to providers/agencies in May 2022.


If aged care workers have not received a payment, and believe they should have, the government advises that, in the first instance, they should talk to their employer to resolve the matter.

Writing an email or letter to employers to explain the problem is often the best course of action, and provides a written record, they suggest

If aged care workers feel they cannot talk to their employer about the issue, the government says they can fill out an enquiry form with the department, providing additional supporting material such as pay slips.

If they can help, they will contact the employer on aged care workers’ behalf to investigate the situation.

Aged care workers can send the completed enquiry form to: ACWRP.enquiries@health.gov.au


The government says the grants program will be subject to an active audit program involving a combination of random and targeted audits.

Targeted audits will be based on analysis of complaints or feedback, examination of data held by the department, cross-referenced with application data, and any other information or anomalies that emerge, to ensure workers receive their entitled payment.

Read the Australian Government Department of Health’s Frequently Asked Questions on the Aged Care Workforce Bonus Payment here 

32 Responses

  1. I was underpaid by $640 for the first payment in 2020.
    I submitted the form with pay slips and emails to my employer.
    Received from Audit department that I should have been paid full amount.
    After a very bullying phone call to person in charge of submitting staff hours.
    Iam still waiting payment after sending another email to Audit team.
    Made to feel lowest of lows and paid the lowest wage.

  2. Not one of our workers in the aged care i work in have got theirs. But still expected to work under staffed.

  3. Still waiting, to be paid, Not fair that we are made to wait this long, if a promise was made then honour it, Its really starting to become a joke working for next to nothing,….for nothibg

    1. 7 April still no bonus my admin lady said government have not paid it. This is beyond a joke

  4. You will all have to pay over 30 percent of it back to the government because the government has given it to your employer to pay you. It’s an extremely low sneaky way of advertising that they are paying a bonus and taking over a 3rd back. There is a federal election coming up and let me tell you that for the first time in well over 40 years I will not be voting for the Liberal coalition. Morrison is nothing but a pig ????. How much money has he handed out to the unemployed? An he is trying to salvage something here by including a piss por bonus to the lowest payed workers in the country that are trying to earn a living. Shame on you PIG MORRISON.

  5. We are still waiting to receive our 1st payment. No one at our aged care facility has received any money
    What are they doing? Have they even applied?How do we get what we are entitled to?

  6. I have worked in aged care for over 10 years l now do in home care why am l not eligible for the payment l do all the same work as facility workers do
    We are doing a tough physical emotional job and yet we are treated like dirt residents family put them in these home because they can not deal with their parents or family members because it’s to demanding and to hard but we are expected to look after their every needs including emotional support understanding empathy and we do we all work our arses off for peanuts

  7. I certainly will not look to Morrison to help our elderly hopefully he will never need to be put into care as he will witness first hand how hard it is on everyone

  8. I have worked for 17 years at my facility and just found out our residence is not government funded. .Should we therefore be paid more and why are we guided by the aged care MA000018 if we are a private concern? Seems to me someone in the Federal Government does not realise there are so many non subsidised centres in Australia. Then also to be taxed is giving in one hand then taking with the other! We do our jobs because we love what we do!

  9. I think the Minister of Health and Aged , Greg Hunt needs to step up and grant non government funded facilities this bonus as well !

  10. In the 20 years working at the same residential site I pray that it can’t get any worse or can it. We’ve had A Royal Commission all these recommendations, 8 new standards but those that have the say don’t care about our aged or the frontline workers. We are so short staffed how does neglect of care not matter what is expected of the aged care workforce is unachievable,the government and aged care providers certainly aren’t concerned this has been an issue pre covid. Give us the much needed pay rise, pay our bonus and get off your butts and solve the staff issues, we do our job you do yours.

  11. I work for bluecare as a personal carer in the community for aged care. I do medication ,showers,cooking, taking clients to appointments, shopping, and socials. My boss told me today that she doesn’t think we are entitled to payment as some of our clients are chsp clients. Are we entitled to the bonus please. Also what do I do to help myself and my team get the bonus money

  12. I work for Qld health and still haven’t been paid the bonus. I thought the 1st payment has to be made in April. Just broken promises

  13. I am not received the age care bouns payment When asked to agency they told me , Our chief financial officer is investigating on everyones behalf & will provide an update shortly. I am still waiting not any response.

    1. Hey sukhjeet which agency u worked for Bcz I m also going through same nd it’s nearly June end nd haven’t received any payment

  14. $200 for a person that works 76 paid hours and countless unpaid hours, stick it up your **** Scomo

  15. We got our bonus only to be tax on the $400 and received $260 why did government state we get $400 bonus then tax us they should said age care works are getting $260 bonus not $400 what a scam telling us

  16. Having a family and the cost of living is frightening.
    I pay my taxes just like many others do in this country.
    The government is pathetic they think about the now and have absolutely no five or ten year plan for Australia.
    To many people have tunnel vision and think working in aged care is a walk in the park after all it’s old people.
    We do everything from showeing, feeding, toileting, changing incontinence pads that are soiled wet or dry, behaviours, staff being asulted, comforting an elderly person who’s confused, upset, frustrated, lost complete independence, crying for there loved ones, even suicidal thoughts they express, cleaning there teeth and putting them into bed.
    Listening to there stories of life and what it was like growing up, laughing with them, smiling with them even saying goodbye to them when they’ve closed there eyes for the last time.
    How often are things like this mentioned NEVER it’s about time it is mentioned.
    The bonuses given out from the government is peanuts our award pay rate is disgraceful and the government is well aware that’s why there clutching straws.
    Aged care is a very under staffed under paid industry
    Morison your a lier.

  17. Second part of bonus still not paid it’s 10 June. Such a let down and to be taxed on it,what a joke. Did they tax centrelinks bonus? NO.

    1. I haven’t receive the second payment until today. My messages to account department is being ignored. I will follow the steps informed above. Thank you

  18. Hey i worked with nursing agency am I am eligible to get bonus but still it’s nearly June finishing haven’t got my first bonus even pLz advice me wat can I do like me there are so many other people waiting to get their first bonus , we all worked so hard and didn’t get what we should be getting with dignity it’s so humiliating to keep asking them about our bonus .

  19. Anyone had the second payment yet? States facilities should have had it in may and it was meant to be paid within two pay cycles- nothing.

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