Trailblazer Florence Nightingale dramatised

A new movie highlighting the trailblazing life of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale is being made and is to be released during 2020-the bicentennial of her birth.

The script, Legacy of Light, written by Nurse Researchers and Nightingale Scholars, Barbara Dossey and Deva-Marie Beck, also delves into Nightingale’s continuing impact on the world.

The objective of the movie is to reach an estimated 22 million nurses and midwives who globally carry the light of healing into the 21st century and advocate for health as a basic human right.

The researchers have started the project based on crowd-funding and donations to raise the necessary budget for creating the fi lm and promoting it globally.

The movie is also being supported by many peak nursing organisations including the International Council of Nurses, the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation and the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

If you wish to participate and contribute to the fi lm, go to:

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