Nurse sounds a warning on hearing loss for COVID-19 patients

By ANMJ Staff|
April 14th, 2023|

A registered nurse who experienced sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) five weeks after testing positive to COVID-19 has documented her experience to inform research into [...]

Promising new Network set to boost nursing and midwifery research

By Kathryn Anderson|
April 6th, 2023|

The recently formed Australasian Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Trials Network (ANMCTN) is set to elevate and support nursing and midwifery research across Australasia. The world [...]

The ANMF National Policy Research Unit – the first five years

By Casey Marnie and Micah DJ Peters PhD|
December 18th, 2022|

Embedding high-quality research into nursing and midwifery is vital for delivering safe, effective healthcare. This is not only important in informing best practice, but having [...]

How disposable PPE is being recycled to make stronger concrete

By Nicole Foote Lenoir|
December 12th, 2022|

A new generation of nurses, midwives and carers have never practiced without wearing disposable PPE since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, research at [...]

Better understanding needed around alcohol consumption and breastfeeding

By ANMJ Staff|
November 18th, 2022|

According to research, two-thirds of Australian women who breastfeed did not feel that they fully understood the risks of drinking alcohol while breastfeeding. The study [...]

A culturally appropriate safe sleeping tool could reduce SIDS for First Nations’ families

By ANMJ Staff|
August 18th, 2022|

A program focused on delivering safe-sleeping practices for infants in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities could reduce the incidents of sudden infant death syndrome [...]

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