Leadership and Management: Not one and the same

Leadership can often be mistaken with management and the two do overlap. But while leadership and management in nursing and midwifery share some similarities, they are two distinct roles. “The biggest difference is that while we have leadership skills inherent in all of us, management is more of a learnt process”, says RN and Academic […]

How good leadership can impact healthcare

Creating better leaders is the linchpin to happier people, better organisations and societies, according to Simon Sinek, world-renowned speaker, author, ethnographer and founder of the Optimism Company in the US. Speaking to over 1,000 nurses at the recent International Council of Nurses Congress, Montreal, Canada, Sinek emphasised that nowhere was good leadership more essential than […]

From simulation to mentorship: Tips on how to manage students and graduates

James Cook University lecturer, Associate Professor John Smithson, who has delivered several research projects on simulation within nursing and pharmaceutical education, says that modelling good habits is crucial to helping practical students and new graduates succeed in the workplace. Acknowledging simulation as an important transition layer in a nursing student’s learning process, he notes that […]

Calls for ongoing ethical collaboration in the health sector in the wake of COVID-19

Unprecedented cooperation among stakeholders at all levels of the Australian health sector that occurred in response to COVID-19, demonstrates the ongoing need for ethical collaboration for the sake of the community and healthcare systems, according to the Australian Ethical Health Alliance. In the wake of the pandemic, public and private hospitals cooperated to make beds […]