Cultural safety in Australian nursing and midwifery

Developed in the 1980s by Maori nurse and anthropologist Irihapeti Ramsden in New Zealand Aotearoa, Cultural Safety has gradually become a key component in nurses’ and midwives’ education in Australian healthcare. Cultural Safety is a reflective process where you analyse your own cultural biases and attitudes. From this position, you are open when engaging with […]

International outlook, local action: What is the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals project?

After the disastrous 2019-20 bushfire season and recent flooding in NSW, Australia’s nurses and midwives know all too well that climate disaster creates a significant health burden. Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH), a project that aims to address sustainability and waste in clinical health settings, was founded by Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) in […]

A culturally appropriate safe sleeping tool could reduce SIDS for First Nations’ families

A program focused on delivering safe-sleeping practices for infants in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities could reduce the incidents of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI). The Pepi Pod program, studied in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, Flinders University, SA Health, The Aboriginal Health Council of SA, and […]

Community HIV care through the COVID-19 pandemic

Background: In 2020 a global unprecedented event occurred- the COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian response to rising COVID cases was to invoke lockdowns as necessary in each state with individuals only being able to leave their homes for one hour a day unless they were employed in essential services. The uncertainty of the response to COVID-19 […]

COVIDSafe app revamped to better identify close contacts

The Morrison government’s COVIDSafe app has been overhauled to improve its performance so that it can better identify potential close contacts. The revamp centres on the app now incorporating a new Bluetooth protocol called Herald that offers ‘unparalleled’ performance and contributes to the identification of potential close contacts, enhancing contact tracing ability. The update arrives […]

Person-centred nursing education during isolation

Person-centred nursing education, and curricula, value the voice of all involved – academics, students, industry, clinical facilitators, people receiving care. Only by embedding person-centred practice, values and frameworks at the heart of the learning environment can workplace culture be transformed, as nursing students are prepared to build an innovative quality nursing workforce of the future. […]

Large scale digital innovation in South Australian student nursing and midwifery programs

South Australian nursing and midwifery students have spent the last twelve months transitioning to online monitoring of their clinical experiences at the University of South Australia. How UniSA students and staff adapted to this platform is the subject of this paper. The university introduced the popular PebblePad platform in the Bachelor of Midwifery in early […]

Australians are using and accessing medical histories on My Health Record

Nearly 70% of Australians registered with My Health Record have their medical histories recorded in the system, according to research by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). According to the ADHA report, Statistics and Insights to April 2020, there were 22.75 million records stored by My Health Record, with more than 10 million records filled […]