‘It just crept up on me’: Urgent action needed to curb ‘high-risk’ drinking among Australian nurses

By Robert Fedele|
March 6th, 2023|

Tailored interventions are urgently needed to address growing alcohol consumption among Australian nurses, with booze levels within the profession now rivalling high-risk industries such as [...]

Finding balance in relationships and social interaction outside work

By Ben Rodin|
September 19th, 2022|

According to Celeste Pinney, a registered midwife who works at Victoria’s Nursing and Midwifery Health Program (NMHPV), the challenges for nurses and midwives maintaining relationships [...]

Planning meals and snacks ensures better focus and productivity when at work

By Ben Rodin|
December 10th, 2021|

The most common challenges faced by nurses and midwives regarding nutrition are related to their working environment, according to Melanie McGrice, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) [...]

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