Add virtual reality to exercise to ease chronic pain

Incorporating virtual reality (VR) into your fitness regime can not only make exercise feel easier, but also chronic pain, according to University of South Australia researchers. Using a novel bike system, researchers found that when people combined VR with cycling, their exercise enjoyment increased by 20%, and they exercised for 15% longer. For patients with […]

How nurse-led models of care are reshaping healthcare – Aged Care NP Hazel Bucher

Nurses working in nurse-led models of care undertake comprehensive assessment, provide timely person-centred care, opportunistic education and support, continuity of care and link patients to other health professionals and services. Underpinned by advanced practice nursing care, innovative and cost-effective nurse-led models of care aim to improve access to healthcare and give people choice while also […]

Growing gender inequity in the wake of COVID

Female-dominated industries have been at the forefront of Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic response. For example our nursing, midwifery and carer workforces (of which 89% are women), have swung into action, showing extraordinary strength and sacrifice while delivering quality care to the community and dealing with new challenges daily. Teachers, early childcare educators, retail workers and cleaners […]