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This study seeks to gain a greater understanding of the role and experience of being an older nurse and midwife in Australian workplaces.

Australia’s older nurses and midwives are the fastest growing sector of the labour force.

Anti-ageing employment legislation and changes to the aged pension qualifying age mean people are choosing or being required to remain in paid work for varying reasons.

The study will explore the life of an older nurse or midwife in the workplace in a bid to gain knowledge and understanding of how their workplace role is viewed and managed through both their own perspectives and from the perspective of the organisation.

If you consider yourself an older registered nurse, enrolled nurse or registered midwife, please participate by telling your story about your experiences working in an Australian health workplace.

Managers overseeing older nurses and midwives are also invited to take part.

There are no age restrictions as the study is interested in examining the perspectives of people who identify as “older”.

If you are keen to participate in a 30 to 45 minute telephone interview arranged at a time convenient for you, follow the link to SurveyMonkey to leave your details – – or visit the Facebook page – Older nurses and midwives in the workplace @oldernursesandmidwive