McGrath Foundation launches ‘power of care’ nursing series

Breast Care Nurse Charlotte Henry and Venessa Pearce, who feature in the McGrath Foundation's 'power of care' campaign. Photo: McGrath Foundation

The series features four real-life stories that shine a spotlight on the far-reaching impact of care, from receiving treatment close to home with family around, to making informed treatment choices. They include the tender support given to Louisa, enabling her final days at home surrounded by family, and the guidance offered to 28-year-old Ali in navigating fertility preservation before treatment.

“McGrath Breast Care Nurses bring knowledge, expertise and support, empowering people through their breast cancer experience and we want to celebrate the power of that care,” McGrath Foundation CEO, Holly Masters, said.

One of the four stories focuses on Sally Haley, a nurse based in Gladstone, Queensland, and her relationship with patient Cassie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 before it progressed to metastatic in 2022.

Sally’s care has included helping keep Cassie out of palliative care 18 months ago and ensuring she gets access to emerging treatments to allow her more time to spend with her family.

Cassie Perrins shares some quality time with her family. Photo: McGrath Foundation

In the series, Cassie says she believes Sally’s care has gone above and beyond since her initial diagnosis to now.

“It would have been very scary without her there, especially at the start.  I literally found out on the Monday, Sally rang me on the Wednesday, and I met with her the week after,” Cassie says. 

“Her superpower is that she’s able to make you laugh – which is important when you’re going through chemo. She understands that you can have both sides, you can be scared with her but you can also have a joke together.”

Sally says the power of care is about empowering patients.

“The power of my care is enabling Cassie to live her most normal, powerful and positive life that she can with her family,” she says in the series.

“In my eyes, Cassie is the hero in all of this. I will be forever humbled by her kindness, love, and inspirational personality. Unfortunately, her time will be limited. She knows that and her children know that, so it is important Cassie lives well and enjoys every moment she has with her family and friends.”

Ultimately, the ‘power of care’ campaign is aiming to highlight the true power of care and inspire donations to help ensure more people have access to a McGrath Breast Care Nurse across the country.

The McGrath Foundation is encouraging Australians to support the ‘power of care’ by making a tax deductible donation by the end of June.

Read/view the content series and donate here

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