Maintaining your skills during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 Pandemic nurses midwives and carers are seeking education now more than ever. Yet when workshops, conferences and in-service education are being cancelled because of the crisis, what is the alternative to meet those needs?

ANMF’s Federal Education Officer Jodie Davis believes it’s online education.

“In fact we are finding nurses, midwives and carers are accessing online education more than ever before,” she says.

The ANMF offers training via three websites to help nurses, midwives and carers keep up to date with practice changes and to assist you to be compliant with registration standards.

“Our training is of the highest standard, contemporary and accessible via all mobile devices, not to mention affordable,” Ms Davis says.

Online training specific to COVID-19 crisis

“At this crucial time we offer you up to date information on COVID-19 via a short video and regular document updates,” Ms Davis says.

According to Ms Davis the training covers topics such as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at the time of the update, legal requirements, any new information about the virus itself, education, prevention and control, virus detection and notifications, how you can assist in stopping the spread of the virus and management and isolation.

“We will soon be adding evidence based guidelines to this suite to assist keeping your clients and yourself safe during this crisis.

“Once viewed, these will not generate certificates but will appear on your portfolio for evidence of participation.”

While Ms Davis says Infection Control and Prevention and Hand Hygiene tutorials on the CPE website are always relevant for all nurses, midwives and carers, they are particularly significant at this time.

“Ensuring your practice in these areas is of the highest standard is vital to reducing and containing the spread of infection,” she says.

“Whether it be updating your skills in these areas, such as for those nurses coming out of retirement to help during the crisis or for new graduates and students wanting to be sure they are performing these actions appropriately, these tutorials are informative, instructional and will ensure you have the best information and guidance available on maintaining Infection Control and Prevention and performing Hand Hygiene to the best of your ability.”

Both courses are available free to all ANMF, NSWNMA, and QNMU members and the COVID-19 video and updates are freely accessible for everyone.

Other supportive tutorials for these times

Ms Davis says other useful tutorials on the site at this time include Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT).

She says it is a great resource for nurses and midwives who will be performing invasive clinical procedures and want to ensure they are performing their work to minimise the introduction of pathogenic organisms during procedures.

“Basic Life Support is also relevant to everyone who may encounter a person suffering respiratory distress or complications from an existing condition.

“Advanced Life Support is available for those clinicians moving into a new role during this time, such as acute and critical care; as is IV Therapy and Medications, and Calculations and Administration of Medications.”

Ms Davis says ensuring skills in these areas are up to date will particularly ease the minds of those returning to the workforce or those working in a new environment as a new graduate or student.

Additionally the CPE website offers tutorials on many other topics and refreshing or updating your knowledge in particular areas may help you to feel better equipped to work under such stressful and demanding times.

Tutorials are $8.90 for NSWNMA, SA, VIC, WA, ACT and TAS members, free for QNMU and ANMF NT members and $40 for non-members.

What else ANMF CPE offers

Aged Care Training Room
The ANMF’s Aged Care Training Room (ACTR) supports the needs of nurses and carers working in the aged care and community care sectors, particularly those who are returning to the workforce or working in these sectors for the first time.

The training room also provides COVID-19 updates and video along with 42 courses and eight videos addressing, in detail, the eight Aged Care Quality Standards.

For more information click here, the ACTR is available via an annual subscription including many extras, for $110 for members and $132 for non-members.

Body Systems Training Room
The third training room is the Body Systems Training Room (BSTR). This website offers training in Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Processes, Treatment and Management. The library is extensive and all courses are interactive, offer audio narration, animations, pop quizzes and a final assessment.

Course can be purchased in a variety of ways such as individually, in packs ie. respiratory pack, or the complete library.

Members receive a discount on the purchase price however, we have a current offer to assist you to meet your CPD needs prior to re-registration on 31 May where you can purchase the complete library for $199 as opposed to the regular $374.99 (members only).

To view this offer and the courses available  click here

For further information or guidance, please contact the ANMF Education Team at

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