How to shine with confidence at a job interview

Congratulations! You have been selected for a job interview but how do you come across with confidence and keep the nerves at bay?

It’s no secret employers are more likely to appoint people who are confident in their interviews. So to smash that interview we have come up with 11 top tips to show your confidence and get hired.

  1. Adjust your perception

Check in to see if anything is dropping your confidence. Do you have any concerns because you lack experience or skills as a nurse or midwife? Are you worried about potential tough questions?

Write down whatever is bothering you, and then rewrite a new positive response.

Focus on these responses while also visualising the interview going well.

By rewriting your new response and imagining yourself succeeding will ultimately change how you feel and behave, resulting in a more confident you.

  1. Apply breathing techniques

Slow and deep breathing helps you to relax which is key to feeling in control of the situation and inspires confidence. Deep breathe moments before meeting with your interviewers. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, slow your breathing down which will bring oxygen to your brain and help you think clearly.

  1. Practice your handshake

Make sure your handshake is firm but not aggressive. A limp handshake shows lack of experience in an interview. If you are unsure of your handshake, practice with family and friends and ask for their feedback.

  1. Stand strong

It is a well-known fact that body language impacts how you see and present yourself. When sitting and standing use an open pose with hands at your side and back straight. Refrain from crossing your arms or clasping your hands. Make sure you don’t fidget. Don’t hold a pen or paper and be careful not to tap your hands or feet either.

  1. Make eye contact

It’s crucial to make eye contact when it comes to confidence. It helps people to think you are more honest, reliable and self-assured

  1. Smile

People who smile reflect confidence. People who grimace give the impression of nervousness or being distracted. Smile and try to hold relaxed calm facial expressions.

  1. Connect with interviewers

Stay present, connect and engage with the process and with your interviewer. Provide helpful answers to questions and stay interested in what they have to say. Focus on what you are trying to achieve. In this way you will come across as likable and more likely to build a rapport with the interviewer. This is more productive than trying to impress.

  1. Talk slowly

Don’t blurt out your answers and never be afraid to pause. It’s natural to race our sentences when we are nervous but slowing your answers makes you look in control and therefore more confident.

Now you have applied all these techniques – go get that job!

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