Government must do more to stop the nation’s escalating COVID-19 aged care crisis ANMF says

Elderly caucasian man wearing hand made protective face mask, in nursing care home, looking outside window, sadness, stress and hope in his eyes, self isolation due to global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF), is deeply concerned that the Morrison Government has no real plan to protect vulnerable nursing home residents and staff as the Omicron variant runs rampant through the country’s aged care facilities.

With almost 1,400 residents and just over 1,800 staff currently classified as active cases, the ANMF has expressed concern that hundreds of private aged care facilities are still waiting for booster vaccinations and rapid antigen tests (RAT).

Additionally, COVID-positive isolation regulations have led to chronic staff shortages and dangerously excessive workloads, with increasing numbers of residents forced to be locked-in their rooms without visitors.

The ANMF said that dangerously low staffing levels were leading to missed care, stating that its members were reporting only three staff for up to 120 residents in some cases.

The union argued that this was preventable if there was proper planning.

“With Omicron spreading so rapidly throughout the community, our frontline nurses and carers are completely exhausted and burnt out, they’ve been crying out for help, but yet again, the Morrison Government has abandoned aged care residents and staff,” ANMF Acting Federal Secretary, Lori-Anne Sharp said.

“We’re dismayed that despite the tragedies in aged care during previous outbreaks, the Government has decided to stand-back and ‘let it rip’, without securing proper supplies of vital booster shots, RATs and personal protective equipment (PPE) for nursing homes. The Morrison Government should have been more prepared. It’s like nothing has been learnt from the second wave in 2020, when tragically, 678 lives were lost.”

The ANMF said the Federal Government had completely failed to plan for adequate surge workforce capacity and invest in staff despite knowing the chronic understaffing that has overwhelmed the sector for a decade and further highlighted by the Aged Care Royal Commission.

“Sadly, it’s apparent that nursing homes aren’t prepared for the Omicron wave, even though back in August, Minister Hunt declared that RAT would be available in aged care facilities. As we know, RAT, in particular, is a useful tool in risk control and the lack of RATs is resulting in chronic staff shortages and putting nurses, carers, and the elderly residents they care for, at further risk of contracting COVID-19 and missing out on urgently needed care regardless of COVID-19 status,” Ms Sharp said.

“We’re urging the Morrison Government to act as a matter of urgency and ensure that aged care residents and staff get the protection they so desperately need in the face this latest COVID-19 wave. Staff, residents, and their families deserve so much more.”

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