Evidence Briefs to inform practice during the phases of COVID-19 available to all nurses and midwives

The ANMF’s Policy and Research team have developed evidence briefs on how best to manage practice during COVID-19.

Using the best evidence possible the briefs cover essential information for nurses and midwives, including mitigating the risks transitioning through the different phases associated with the management of the virus.

The briefs are revised regularly to reflect new and emerging evidence as COVID-19 continues to evolves.

The briefs can be used as a source of evidence for local policy and procedures, however are designed to stand alone.

Some of the latest briefs include:

  • Protecting healthcare workers from infection
  • Casual nurse deployment
  • Testing
  • Hand sanitiser ingredients
  • Social distance and containment
  • Cleaning and decontamination
  • Negative Pressure Rooms
  • Mask and face covering in the community
  • Australian Infection Modelling Summary
  • Models of transmission and infection

The ANMF is also working on a number of other briefs to assist nurses and midwives  transition into the next phase of COVID-19 management, including: Front door screening for health and aged care facilities and Transitioning out of social isolation measures.

The briefs can be found on the ANMF website.

The ANMJ will alert nurses and midwives when new briefs are available.

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