Comedian Georgie Carroll’s nursing podcast, The Swab, back for Season 3

Nurse Comedian Georgie Carrol. Photo credit: Jodi Nash

Nurse and comedian Georgie Carroll is back for a third season as host of hilarious nursing podcast series, The Swab.

Full of all the icky, funny, sometimes sad, but never dull, moments working at the frontline of healthcare.

With a challenging past few years for nurses and midwives, including facing staff shortages, and with many deciding to leave the profession, Georgie has dedicated this season to her overworked, and underappreciated, frontline colleagues with hospital-grade humour.

“This season is even sillier. Nurses just want to have a laugh, relieve the tension of the everyday and let it out,” she says.

“This season’s podcasts are like having a conversation on night shift, it unravels faster than a speeding train. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

It’s been especially tough on new graduates and anyone whose come into nursing during COVID, says Georgie.

“They’ve really had a baptism of fire, with the staffing crisis, they’ve become managers in three years because they’ve had to, they’re working in PPE – they can’t even see each other’s smiles.”

With arts gigs cancelled around the country during COVID, Georgie returned to nursing in the interim, yet not in her former specialty as an intensive care nurse but in a COVID vaccination clinic, averaging about 60 vaccinations a day.

Nurse Comedian Georgie Carroll
Photo Credit: Jodi Nash

“I really did feel like part of something epic – part of history. I mean it wasn’t like I was looking after the first COVID patient in Australia. I just did jabs in arms, I didn’t even have to look after the fainters – there was a crew for that. But after doing nothing for a while during COVID, it was great to feel useful.”

For those who’ve listened to Georgie’s previous seasons, there’s still plenty of daring dolphins, phenomenal penguins and outrageous orcas – the ‘three stages of nursing’ according to Georgie (with 7 million views).

Georgie is joined in season 3 by some of the biggest and funniest names in the nursing community, like Nurse Molly McKinnon (aka pet Dolphin), Penguins Matt Tyson (aka the Barefoot Nurse), Two Humerus Nurses, Hospice Nurse Penny and Hospice Nurse Julie, who share their unbelievable stories. From Chihuahua ashes in a patient’s possessions to patients wearing lingerie in hospice care.

Georgie says she is always on the lookout for new material and would love to hear from any nurses or midwives with a great story to share.

“Nursing is so diverse – you can work as a smoking cessation nurse to someone who specialises in sex therapy for people with disabilities. You can position yourself anywhere in the universe,” she says.

“I really enjoyed talking with hospice nurses and their positivity about death (I’m terrified of dying, I’m having too much of a good time), to midwives who’ve gone to assist in birthing in Ethiopia. If you’ve got a great dinner party story – get in contact with me.”

The 30 minute episodes are now available to download anywhere you get your podcasts with weekly episodes every Thursday.

Join THE SWAB Facebook community here.

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