Celebrating nurses: From heartfelt memories to inspirational insights: Meet Deb Butler

Using his formula Nigel asks his participants about a film, book, song, place and possession to delve into the lives of nurses and midwives, exploring their memories, perspectives, and the lessons they’ve gleaned along the way

In the latest episode, launched on International Nurses Day, Nigel sits down with Deb, an aged care enrolled nurse from Perth, Western Australia, whose journey through life unfolds in a series of poignant choices. From her enduring love for “The Sound of Music” to her deeply moving connection with Bryce Courtney’s book “April Fool’s Day,” each choice is a testament to Deb’s resilience and compassion.

Through heartfelt conversations, Deb shares the challenges and joys of raising five children, all of whom have haemophilia. Her dedication to her family shines through as she navigates the complexities of their medical condition with grace and determination.

Deb also talks about her love for aged care and her decision to study to become an RN.

With each choice, Deb’s narrative unfolds, revealing a life shaped by love, loss, and unwavering resilience. Tune in to “Five of My Life” to listen about Deb’s experiences.

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  1. I am privileged to call Deb a friend.
    She is the most humble human that I have ever met. She is a fierce advocate for her aged care residents and a damn good nurse.
    Her interview with Nigel portrays her exactly as she is – a superwoman.

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