Celebrating nurses and midwives launches on international days – A podcast series exploring their lives

Launching on International Day of the Midwife, renowned podcaster Nigel Marsh is interviewing nurses and midwives over the coming months to delve into the tales and untold narratives of those in our professions as part of the podcast series “Five of My Life.”

Nigel invites his guests to delve into their unique journeys by discussing a book, song, movie, place, and possession that holds significance to them. His first guest in the series illuminates the life of April Jardine, a midwife from Central Victoria.

April shares that she chose midwifery as a career because of her love for moms and babies, influenced by her parents who are in the nursing profession.

She recalls her first experience witnessing a birth during her nursing placement and how it solidified her passion for midwifery. April has been practicing midwifery for 19 years and was named Midwife of the Year in 2020.

During the podcast, April discusses her five choices: the film “The Castle,” the book “Seven Deadly Wonders” by Matthew Reilly, the song “Crocodile Roll” by John Williamson, the place Bright in Victoria’s High Country, and her possession, a mountain bike.  

She shares personal stories and connections to each choice, such as her childhood home in Bright, her love for adventure and reading, and her passion for mountain biking with friends.  

April also talks about her views on leadership, emphasising the importance of empowering and supporting team members. She encourages anyone considering a career in midwifery to go for it, highlighting the rewarding nature of the profession and the ability to make a positive impact on women and families.  

Listen to the podcast below:

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