ANMF welcomes new Labor Government ministers

Ged Kearney MP (centre)

The ANMF has congratulated the Albanese Government’s new ministerial appointments as it reaffirms its intent to push for much-needed health and aged care reform.

ANMF Acting Federal Secretary Lori-Anne Sharp said that the union and its 310,000-plus members looked forward to working with Mark Butler (Minister for Health), Annika Wells (Minister for Aged Care) and former ANMF Federal Secretary Ged Kearney as Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care. The ANMF will particularly seek action on priorities such as reforms in health and aged care, better wages for low-paid workers, gender equality and urgent action on climate change.

“We were heartened that prior to the election, Mr Albanese and his team listened to the concerns of the ANMF and our members and committed to addressing our four main priorities in private aged care,” Ms Sharp said.

Ms Sharp made particular mention of Minister Kearney’s appointment, given her past experiences as a nurse and ANMF Federal Secretary.

“We are excited to be working with Ministers Butler and Wells in the critical portfolios of health and aged care and, in particular, our former colleague Ged Kearney, who clearly understands the challenges we’re facing and has supported the ANMF over the past decade as we’ve campaigned tirelessly to ensure fair and equitable health outcomes for all Australians.”

She also said that with women filling 10 out of the 23 Cabinet positions, a record in Australian politics, and a greater emphasis on cultural diversity, the Albanese government had shown a significant seriousness about addressing workplace quality and diversity, key ANMF concerns.

“Mr Albanese’s appointment of a record number of women to Cabinet and MPs from a range of diverse cultural backgrounds shows that we have a Federal Government that is serious about achieving equality in the workplace and a Parliament that more accurately reflects the Australian population.”

The Albanese Government, which confirmed a narrow majority in the house of representatives earlier this week, is being sworn in today (1 June).

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