Addressing nursing workforce shortages with comprehensive evidence-based strategies

Even with many decades of extensive research, nursing workforce shortages are persistent, widespread, and growing.1,2 While devastating, the COVID-19 revealed the extent and impact of workforce shortages and highlights the urgency of implementing immediate and sustainable solutions.3,4,5 As such, the pandemic might provide the necessary impetus to address these persistent workforce shortages before they worsen. […]

Educators must step up to prepare nursing and midwifery students for work in a climate emergency

Climate change is not a ‘future’ problem – it is impacting the health and wellbeing of the community now. With increasing frequency, droughts, floods, fire, and air pollution, resulting in respiratory disease, vector-borne disease, death, physical injuries, and mental health deterioration, are having a detrimental impact on health.1 Although a global issue, climate change effects […]

CoNNMO: Australia’s nursing and midwifery alliance influencing healthcare across the lifespan

Australia’s national coalition of nursing and midwifery organisations has secured renewed funding from the federal government, including for the first time, sitting fees for member attendance, recognising the inherent value of the alliance. “This is significant recognition of the value of nurses, midwives and CoNNMO that makes a big difference to the vast majority of […]

Promising new Network set to boost nursing and midwifery research

The recently formed Australasian Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Trials Network (ANMCTN) is set to elevate and support nursing and midwifery research across Australasia. The world first Network, formed in 2020, brings together academic institutions to enhance, support and facilitate nurse or midwife-led clinical research. Professor Marion Eckert, Director of the Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre […]