Developing and evaluating a clinical supervision training program for mental health nurses

The continued support for nurses through education and training is fundamental to the success and growth of the profession. This is particularly relevant within mental health nursing, where staff often face complex and emotionally challenging circumstances. The past decades have seen a growth in interest and understanding of workplace support within mental health settings through […]

Workforce investment key to ‘unleashing’ mental health nurses’ potential

Skilled and knowledgeable health professionals, mental health nurses possess a range of invaluable attributes including the ability to show great empathy, provide tailored patient-centred care, and respond and adapt to often complex situations. But Australia doesn’t have enough of them working in the system to their full scope of practice, and lacks new and innovative […]

‘Never walk alone’: Mentoring Men program helps men get back on track

On average, nine people in Australia take their own lives every day. Glaringly, seven of those are men. With nearly half of men experiencing mental health challenges during their lifetime, Australian charity Mentoring Men was established to provide a listening ear from time to time for men experiencing challenges. Focusing on a proactive approach, engaging […]

By their side: Mental health nurses making a difference

“It’s the people and the stories and being allowed into their lives,” says acute community mental health nurse Jocelyn Douglass of the best part of her job. “When people are experiencing mental health issues and we see them they are in an acutely vulnerable position. It’s a privilege and an honour to be able to […]

The power of art making

Visual arts-based activities are powerful accomplishments in the context of mental healthcare. Through these activities, mental health consumers’ can explore and express their own ideas about health, illness, and personal recovery. Also, when the activities are done in a group, the relational aspects benefit all. In a recent systematic review, submitted for publication by the […]