Reducing midwives risk of work-related injury

Search for an image of a “midwife,” and you will see the internationally identified photo of our profession – a smiling midwife with their head turned, bent over a pregnant belly listening to a foetal heart through a pinard stethoscope. This heart-warming posture is demonstrative of the strange positions that midwives adopt during their regular […]

How Midwifery Group Practice is improving outcomes for women and babies

Continuity of midwifery care is associated with better outcomes for mothers and babies, yet, it’s not available to everyone. While support for these models is growing in Australia, more needs to be done, writes Robert Fedele. In 2020, Castlemaine Health, a rural health service in central Victoria, resolved to suspend its maternity service and commission […]

Accessibility – a pivotal factor in maternal and neonatal outcomes

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world in which to give birth or to be born. Despite this, women in rural areas continue to experience higher rates of maternal mortality (Kildea et al. 2008) and fetal and neonatal deaths (AIHW 2005). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are three times as likely […]