Leadership and Management: Not one and the same

Leadership can often be mistaken with management and the two do overlap. But while leadership and management in nursing and midwifery share some similarities, they are two distinct roles. “The biggest difference is that while we have leadership skills inherent in all of us, management is more of a learnt process”, says RN and Academic […]

From simulation to mentorship: Tips on how to manage students and graduates

James Cook University lecturer, Associate Professor John Smithson, who has delivered several research projects on simulation within nursing and pharmaceutical education, says that modelling good habits is crucial to helping practical students and new graduates succeed in the workplace. Acknowledging simulation as an important transition layer in a nursing student’s learning process, he notes that […]

The future of chronic disease management is here…we just need to fund it

Across Australia there are small populations of chronically unwell people who are using Telehealth Home Monitoring Service to support them in the home to improve selfcare, reduce avoidable hospital admissions and improve both their mental and physical health (LiveBetter 2018). A short video found on Youtube youtube.com/watch?v=szsT_OzcWX4 demonstrates how home monitoring works. It is known […]

Aboriginal healers treat patients in SA hospitals

Aboriginal traditional healers are working alongside health professionals in Adelaide hospitals to treat patients’ physical, emotional and cultural health and wellbeing. The Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) Aboriginal health team has developed the first formalised and clinical endorsed procedure to support Ngangkari healers working in a health setting, including mental health. “It’s another resource […]

Work environment impacts job performance

On-the-job training and performance is significantly impacted by the work environment in hospitals, research shows. Charles Sturt University research analysed work environment, attitude towards organisational change, training effectiveness, organisation citizenship behaviour, non-mandatory training and intention to quit and how these influenced nurses’ job performance. The study involved 486 participants from public hospitals in the ACT, […]

Bullying common among nurses: research

Bullying common among nurses says research

About half of hospital-based nurses have faced bullying in the workplace, with some going through the ordeal several times per week, a new Australia-wide study has revealed. However, the problem was less prevalent in hospitals where managers displayed strong leadership typified by positive social behaviours and open and honest dialogue. Undertaken by Professor Stephen Teo […]