Four exercises to help strengthen your core

Chronic lower back pain is a common ailment suffered by nurses and midwives. The demands of the professions mean nurses and midwives are invariably on their feet, take on strenuous workloads and shift work, and undertake heavy lifting, which all leads to increased susceptibility. Keeping core muscles strong can help ward off a bad back […]

Snacks better than large meal during nightshifts

Shift workers including nurses and midwives who eat a small snack during a nightshift perform better than those who opt for a large meal, new research has revealed. Investigating the impact of eating during the night on work performance, the study found having a small snack such as an apple or muesli bar helps shift […]

Come to the Table: Maggie Beer urges aged care

It’s fresh, seasonal food that gives energy and pleasure to those in aged care, argues renowned celebrity cook Maggie Beer Yet findings of a new study show a decrease in spending on raw food and an increase in spending on supplements in some residential aged care facilities (RACFs). The study published in Nutrition and Dietetics […]