Healthcare sustainability Champion

Registered Nurse Kaitlyn Cooke, realised the environmental toll of disposable PPE after using 50 sets during a single shift caring for a COVID-infected baby. “I thought, this is actually really bad for the world. There’s got to be a better way we can do this,” said Kaitlyn who was based in Tasmania at the time. […]

Save our planet Protect our health

The climate crisis is here. But there is still time to avert disaster if we take action now The climate crisis predicted to happen sometime in the future has arrived. The fallout is evident, with poorer health, and wellbeing outcomes and environmental changes that sustains life. Science informs us if we continue along this trajectory, […]

PPE, plastics, and the environment: A cautionary note

The effects of discarded plastics on the environment have been well documented in recent years. We’ve all seen images of vast rafts of rubbish in our oceans, marine debris in our waterways and litter on our shorelines and streets. Plastic items, made from fossil fuels, has been found in the deepest ocean trenches, within Antarctic […]