What is clinical (reflective) supervision?

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) recently released a new position statement on clinical (reflective) supervision for nurses and midwives. What is clinical (reflective) supervision for nurses and midwives? According to the ANMF’s position statement, clinical (reflective) supervision, as a form of supported reflective practice, is often misunderstood and poorly defined. Nurses and midwives […]

Final-year undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of general practice as a career path

Health systems that have strong primary healthcare (PHC) have lower rates of hospitalisations and overall better health outcomes. This realisation has increased demands on building a PHC workforce to meet the changing needs of the community (Australian Government Department of Health 2013). General practice remains at the ‘heart’ of PHC (Calma, Halcomb & Stephens 2019; […]

Q&A with a paediatric respiratory nurse

Melinda Gray, a Clinical Nurse Consultant, Paediatric Asthma, who has worked at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick since 2000, first developed a passion for respiratory nursing while working in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. Melinda shares her journey with the ANMJ and how she cemented her career pathway. What inspired you to become a nurse? My parents nurtured […]

How to be a good preceptor

Having experienced the culture shock of moving from undergraduate study into the workplace firsthand, registered nurse Jennifer Hally decided to become a preceptor and role model to early career nurses and new staff members. In nursing, preceptors are experienced nurses formally assigned to provide transitional support to students, graduate nurses and newly employed staff navigating […]