‘You’re not alone’: Nurses open up on battle with Long COVID

A year ago, West Australian registered nurse Bronwyn Smith led an active and outgoing lifestyle, regularly taking her dog for 5km runs, volunteering with Rotary, and captaining her local footy team. Then, Long COVID struck. Initially, Bronwyn attributed her lingering joint and muscle pain and fatigue to job burnout from working in a busy surgical […]

Continuous IV antibiotic infusion more effective at combatting adult sepsis

Changing the way commonly used antibiotics are given to adult patients with sepsis will save thousands of lives a year globally, according to research by the University of Queensland and The George Institute for Global Health A clinical trial and systematic review have shown that intravenously administering commonly used β-lactam antibiotics via continuous infusion – […]

Achieving health equity for women and girls

“It’s high time that our nation, and indeed the world, had a serious discussion about women’s health,” declared Ged Kearney, Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, at the 2024 World Health Summit Regional Meeting, held in Melbourne earlier this year. Speaking on a panel of women’s health experts discussing key challenges to achieving health […]

‘Believe in yourself’: Why I returned to nursing after a 20-year break

Victorian registered nurse Sally Baker’s life changed dramatically after discovering she had lipoedema, a chronic health condition often mistaken for obesity or lymphoedema. The connective tissue disorder, which mostly affects women, is characterised by abnormal growth of adipose tissue in the legs, buttocks and, sometimes, arms, resulting in a disproportionate body shape, often accompanied by […]

HPV Self-collection for Cervical Screening: Offering a role for every nurse and midwife

You don’t need to be a cervical screening provider to support informed uptake of cervical screening. Nurses and midwives play a critical role in supporting their patients to make informed choices, and to have positive experiences within the healthcare system. The Australian Government is funding a national campaign for healthcare providers and consumers to increase […]

AI and its impact on healthcare- Webinar catchup

Did you miss our recent webinar on the ramifications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on nursing and midwifery? In partnership with the Digital Health Agency the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) convened a webinar led by digital experts to discuss AI’s multifaceted dimensions and its consequential impacts on healthcare delivery. This included its integration within […]

‘We were all stuffed’: Spike in drinking during COVID-19 among working mums

New studies by La Trobe University have lifted the lid on the impact of additional responsibilities women assumed by ‘default’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a worrying spike in drinking among working mothers. Participants noted the lack of control they felt over their everyday lives and drinking as they juggled working from home, parenting, household, […]