Tips to thrive in your grad year

Life as a graduate nurse or graduate midwife can be intimidating, but Nurse & Midwife Support shares some steps you can take to help you survive the year. As a graduate, you’re on a steep learning curve that can be simultaneously rewarding and overwhelming. The prospect of entering your grad year can cause an array […]

Nurses and midwives experiencing anxiety: You are not alone

Celeste, from Nurse & Midwife Support, shares strategies to help you manage and relieve your anxiety. Everyone experiences anxiety at certain times in their life. But when our anxiety becomes chronic or relentless it can create chaos in our lives and make us feel paralysed. Experiencing stress where we ‘peak and recover’ can be good for our […]

Five easy steps to budgeting

All roads to financial health start with a budget – but when your work shifts your income can vary week to week, making it harder to work out the numbers. Here are five things you can do now to take control of your spending and save for the goals that matter to you. Step 1. […]

Nurses, midwives and living loss: Navigating the grief of loss and change

All of us will experience grief and loss at some point in our life. Grief is a highly individual experience, and it comes with no rule book. Celeste, from Nurse & Midwife Support, shares how engaging in self-care practices, reaching out for support, practising self-compassion and finding new ways to manage at work can help […]