Empowering Indigenous student nurses: A cadetship journey towards healthcare equity

This piece reflects on the experience of an Indigenous Nursing Cadetship from the perspectives of an Indigenous Nursing Cadet, a Nurse Researcher, and an Executive Director of Nursing. There is value in the opportunity to present individual viewpoints in collaboration as the authors believe in a genuine partnership between health services and Aboriginal and Torres […]

Collaboration between a hospital nursing education unit and a nursing school in Adelaide enhances nursing education for early-career nurses

A collaboration between the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) Early Career Transition Programs (ECTPs) team and the Adelaide Nursing School (ANS – University of Adelaide) has led to improvements in the delivery of education for early-career nurses. It has also strengthened consistencies in the delivery of simulation training between undergraduate education and transition programs […]

Time to apply the Northern Ireland blueprint for peace in Israel-Gaza

Professor Megan-Jane Johnstone AO wrote a powerful article that was published online on 10 November 2023 in the ANMJ: “Bombing hospitals, destroying ambulances and the ethics of (un)just war”.1 Johnstone examined ‘just war theory’ and made a clarion call for nurses to take a stand and speak out about the injustices of war. There are […]

Innovation enables workforce growth and high-quality care at Western Health

Situated in a rapidly growing, diverse, and socioeconomically challenged corridor, Western Health (WH) services a community of over one million people. Article summary: Projections indicate a substantial proportion of Melbourne’s future population growth will occur in its outer west, directly impacting WH’s nursing and midwifery workforce supply and demand. To meet its workforce needs and […]

Secure jobs and gender equality form the basis for the Modern Award Review 2023-24

In December 2022, the Fair Work Act was amended to add two new objectives that need to be taken into account when deciding if awards meet the standard required of contemporary industrial relations.   The new matters that the Fair Work Commission (FWC) must consider are whether provisions of awards improve access to secure work and […]

Restorative resilience clinical supervision: A retention strategy for graduate nurses?

The education of nursing and midwifery students in Australia, as in the rest of the world, has been devastated by the global pandemic.1 Indeed, nurses and midwives had been in “dire straits” due to conditions in healthcare which have affected their energy, morale, and physical and mental health, even before the onset of COVID-19.2 In […]

Revolutionising healthcare: The impact of Artificial Intelligence in nursing and midwifery

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a revolutionary force in diverse industries, and nursing and midwifery are no exceptions. The integration of AI technologies has the potential to reshape healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the efficiency of healthcare systems. But with AI’s potential, there are also certain challenges and concerns that we need […]

Empowering employees: Australia’s new labour laws bring long-awaited protections

In a significant stride toward fair and just workplaces, the Closing Loopholes Bill proposes to usher in a wave of comprehensive labour reforms aimed at bolstering protections for workers across various sectors. These transformative laws would address a range of issues, from eradicating exploitative practices in the gig economy to ensuring better rights for casual […]