Climate change impacting babies’ birthweight for gestational age

Climate change may pose a risk to Australians’ reproductive health with new research showing a link between extreme bioclimatic exposure during pregnancy and babies’ birthweights for gestational age. The large-scale Curtin University study examined more than 385,000 pregnancies in Western Australia between 2000 and 2015, from 12 weeks prior to conception until birth. Researchers focused […]

Science uncovers why romantic love scrambles the brain

It is well known that romantic love changes the brain, releasing the hormone oxytocin, responsible for the euphoria we feel when falling in love. Researchers from the Australian National University, University of Canberra and University of South Australia have measured how a part of the brain is responsible for putting our loved one on a […]

Australia’s long COVID response lagging, study finds

Australia’s long COVID response is falling short of international standards and needs an urgent overhaul, a new study has warned. The RMIT University and Northern Health research examined the country’s long COVID services, guidelines, and public health information, compared to international standards, finding Australia is lacking in several categories. These include early investigation, accessibility and […]