Nurse researcher develops poop kits for kids

One of Australia’s most unconventional nurse researchers is developing a ‘Poop-it’ educational kit for children. The Poop-it Kit will contain poo-related stories, wall posters, poo-shaped cartoon characters, a Monopoly-style game, a colouring-in book, a whoopee cushion and an apron with a map of the digestive system. Professor Kerry Reid-Searl of CQUniversity Australia’s School of Nursing, […]

Group 792 reunion: Training by ordeal, living up to the ideal

It was our ‘Ruby Anniversary’, 40 years since ‘Group 792’ from St Andrews Private Hospital, Adelaide, commenced our nursing training. We were a small group of 11, but eight of us had made it to our 2019 reunion in Canberra. Half a lifetime ago, we were sheltered 17-year-old girls who together, over three years, learnt […]