Medicinal cannabis leads research agenda

Medicinal cannabis may not be as effective in relieving chronic pain according to one of the world’s longest community studies, however other research has shown the drug beneficial for children with epilepsy. . The research published in Lancet Public Health showed there was no clear evidence that cannabis led to reduced pain severity or pain interference or […]

Connecting to why you became a nurse

What is the reason you became a nurse? Was it to care for people? Help people to achieve a better level of health? With the increasing demands and responsibilities of the job, it can be easy to lose sight of that initial goal. For some nursing was the career path they knew they wanted to […]

Not enough time

Not enough time

The feeling of ‘not enough time’ to achieve what is needed in a day can overwhelm the best of us. The stress of which not only affects the time poor nurse or midwife, but their colleagues and patients as well. When it becomes too hard, and too much how do we minimise the effects of […]

Nurses victims of cyberbullying

Nurses and midwives can tragically be the victims of bullying within their workplaces. While there has been numerous strategies implemented to tackle the issue, a study has shown cyberbullying is impacting nurses and midwives as well. The research, from Massey University, University of New Zealand, showed, particularly in small communities, public incidents of cyberbullying via […]