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Our frontline workers are exposed to a lot of stress throughout their shifts. One thing they should never have to stress about is the quality of their scrubs.

Long hours spent on your feet? Helping across different departments? Huge physical and mental toll on your body? There’s only one profession we could be referring to!

Being a healthcare hero, you need to be ready to tackle any challenge head on. Whether that’s a difficult patient, being on your feet all shift without a break or tedious amounts of overtime. Biz Care knows to match this drive, you need a pair of quality scrubs that works as hard as you do. Our scrub range is made to the highest standard to match any situation faced by our frontline workers, with each set of scrubs required to pass a detailed quality control process before being released to our healthcare heroes. We know your scrubs are your work best friends (well, perhaps after coffee!) so we ensure we perform rigorous testing and evaluation, both in house and in the field to ensure durability. Our scrubs are also created to provide high-quality hygiene meaning they can be washed at 60 degrees, allowing for all that sweat and bacteria from your previous shift to be removed before the next wear.

Every superhero needs a cape, so let’s look at the journey our healthcare heroes capes (in this case, capes are scrubs!) go on before being shipped off:

Scrubs in the house! – In-house testing and fabric selection

First up in the quality control process is in house testing. Biz Care looks for fabrics that will be easy to wash and look after, while at the same time be made to last. Fabrics that don’t meet the required standard by our partners at Intertek and Qualspec Testing are rejected by our quality control team, improved by the manufacturer, and resubmitted for testing.

We ensure these fabrics can be washed at 60 degrees (40 degrees for functional lowers) to remove all sweat and bacteria from last night’s shift. No one wants to rock up to work with scrubs that are hanging off them, or a uniform that makes you feel like you’re wearing a strait jacket, so sizing is another key aspect to get right in the field-testing stage. Sizing consistency is controlled by frequent in-line inspections made possible by the quality control team, which starts from the cutting section, through to the sewing lines, then right down to packing and finishing sections. Once finalised, these sample garments are what we then put to test in the field.

 Tested by YOU

Once a garment has passed our in-house testing, who better to test these samples than our professionals on the frontline?! Professionals in industries such as nursing and dentistry are given these samples to wear throughout their shifts and are required to care for their uniforms under normal circumstances. This includes washing the garment in different types of personal detergents, putting them in the dryer or hanging out on the clothesline. The garments are tested for domestic laundry suitability such as ease of wash and wear, ensuring the fabric doesn’t fade and fabric suitability to high wash temperatures, as well as testing for colour fastness and abrasions. Once these tests are passed, and the garments have retained their level of quality and durability they move on to the third-party testing stage.

Aint no party like an Intertek party! – Third party Intertek testing

Once our frontline workers have given the ‘all clear’, it’s time to our third-party testing. Unfortunately, this party features no loud music and party games, but rather some highly technical trials each set of scrubs needs to pass. Intertek review all garment and fabric considerations including bleach and chemical trials with a thorough report provided at the end for review. The garments and fabric undergo a few rounds of these tests before they are confirmed to proceed to the next stage which involves production of bulk garments for release.

Once the bulk garments have been produced, it’s time to stress less with our stress testing. This involves checking all details on the garments including buttons, stitching, drawstrings, pockets, and utility loops to make sure they hold up under pressure. This will ensure you won’t lose a button or break a zip while on the job!

Our point of difference

At Biz Care, innovative quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our garments are manufactured in a socially responsible way, which make our scrubs a more premium option than our competitors.

We understand the ins and outs of the job our frontline workers are doing, as well as the challenges they face and things they require from a uniform. We reached out to student nurse Molly Mackinnon, who wears Biz Care scrubs as her choice of uniform when on placement. “I love Biz Care scrubs as they are such high quality and I’m never worrying about how they look or if they are creased” she says. “My favourites are the Avery scrubs as they are pretty much crease free, and I can just throw them on before a shift.”

The Biz Care range of scrubs is constantly expanding and adapting to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in a range of fields. The range includes garments for professions such as:

  • Nurses and midwives
  • Vet nurses
  • Dental practitioners
  • Aged care staff
  • Childcare staff
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Health and beauty technicians
  • Hygiene, cleaning and housekeeping teams
  • Medical centres
  • Tourism and transport services

For more information and to view our diverse and durable range, head to

Written By: Ellie Travica

Location: Oraco Agency
1/230 Main St, Mornington VIC 3931

Primary Contact:
Tayler Rossetti, Social Media Manager
0437 757 860